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Achieve and Flourish

We believe all children and young people, regardless of disability or difficulty, deserve the best education possible.  We want our pupils to be ambitious for themselves and we need to be ambitious on their behalf. Therefore our aim is to deliver an ‘outstanding’ school with outstanding outcomes. Our school welcomes the involvement of families, keeping education individualised to each child/young person. Arden Fields School provides a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment, with excellent teaching and learning with a focus on high quality personalised education and positive behaviour support.  It will continue to evolve according to local needs.


Arden Fields School is delivered in close partnership with Warwickshire County Council and South Warwickshire Academy Trust to establish solid partnerships with all local stakeholders to ensure we provide innovative and child centred education to local children/young people and their families.  Many of the children and families may have struggled to access facilities and services successfully due to the complex needs of their children or other factors and it is anticipated that Arden Fields School will extend the breadth of appropriate local services. By understanding and responding to the current and future requirements of local young people, our aim is that the academy will be a centre of excellence within Warwickshire, with a national reputation.


The main aims of the Academy are to:

  • Improve outcomes and life chances for children and young people;
  • Raise aspirations of both students and staff aspirations for their students;
  • Support children back into mainstream schools where appropriate;
  • Ensure better transitions, destinations and opportunities after school;
  • Accelerate progress in literacy, numeracy as well as a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Operate a school which is environmentally sustainable and financially secure;
  • Strengthen community cohesion by being a keystone within the local community


With a curriculum that focuses on developing academic potential, social, vocational and life skills, we want every child to achieve his or her full potential. The academy’s curriculum is motivational and will make connections.  Learning is practical, will feel ‘real’ and relevant and builds on young people’s strengths.  To achieve this, learning happens in a wide variety of spaces including the local community, the school grounds and in specialist technology spaces.  Through engaging projects young people access a broad and balanced curriculum including developing the literacy and numeracy skills which will help them to succeed in their adult life.


Supporting young people to improve their own well-being, particularly their communication, social, emotional and mental health needs, is central to the school curriculum.  This includes learning to build positive relationships, being active, contributing positively to their school and local community, broadening experiences and learning to understand and shape their own emotions.  We have a holistic and non-judgemental approach to supporting behaviour that empowers the child or young person to engage in education. We believe that a student that is motivated, encouraged and made to feel worthwhile will choose to learn, and as a consequence behave well. Arden Fields School supports students to become socially responsible, polite and caring young adults, who value the lives of others and the environment in which they live. All staff, not just teachers, are trained to support children to develop positive behaviours and develop strategies to manage their own behaviour positively. Good behaviour and attendance are a direct outcome of positive attitudes to learning - importantly, our vision is for all children and young people to enjoy attending school