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End of SATs / Royal Wedding Celebration

Oh what a busy but productive week we have had here at Arden Fields School.

Our Year 6 & 7 pupils have worked so hard and the majority of them have completed their SATs tests. For all of them completing a test under examination conditions was a first and overall they did really well and we are extremely proud of them.

To celebrate the end of SATs week and the Royal Wedding we had an interesting assembly where pupils were delighted to find a commemorative spoon under their chair. Then followed a wonderful street party and the Arden Fields Invictus Games as supported by Prince Harry.

Pupils and staff alike enjoyed the buffet food outside in the sunshine. There was lots of laughter and fun and the atmosphere was delightful.

The Invictus Games was an event where pupils experienced what it would be like to attempt to play sports if their sight was impaired. They all found this challenging and it made us all realise how difficult it must be for people with sight impairment and how brave the Invictus sports men and women are.

So all in all even though it was a challenging week we tried to help and support each other and it ended in us all enjoying a super Friday.

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan!