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Welcome to Maple Group!


Welcome to Maple class

Spring 2

We are a mixed class predominantly Key stage 3. We have 6 enthusiastic and energetic boys who are encouraged to influence their curriculum wherever possible. We have Annie-Rose Morris, the class teacher as well as Sue Best and Joyce Emerson who are learning support assistants. This year we are determined to learn through trips, visits and class based learning.

Our new topic is Benin culture in the period 900 to 1300, and contrasting features of this West African society with contemporary developments in British history. We will learn about the rise of the Benin Kingdom. Consider what brought the Edo people to the rainforests of Benin and how their empire grew. Study the Edo rulers, everyday life, religion and worship, trading currencies and routes and music and art. Find out how the Kingdom of Benin came to an end.

In maths the children will be learning about multiplication and division focusing on metal strategies for multiples and factors; Short multiplication: 4-digit numbers & money and Short division with 3- & 4-digit numbers. We are also going to look into shape having a deeper understanding of 3D shapes; properties of polygons and quadrilaterals; Draw/reflect shapes on co-ordinate grids; Recognise, measure and draw angles and Angle theorems; draw angles in polygons.

In English this term, we will be learning about Classic plays and arguments and debates. During the unit on classic plays we will be focusing on Romeo and Juliet. We will be introducing Shakespeare. We will be understanding and using verb prefixes/suffixes – and Shakespeare’s new words! And writing your own play scripts. In our next unit we will be creating debates; School uniform, detentions, mobile phones or screen time - there’s always an argument! This block lays the groundwork for effective argument and persuasion, written and spoken. Plus grammar: cohesion, paragraphs, commas.

PE will alternate with Art on a weekly basis and this will take place on Wednesdays so your child will need to bring in their kit or sportswear.

We will send out newsletters every half term so please keep an eye out on the school website. Should you wish to receive a paper copy, please let the office know. You will also receive a curriculum grid every half term; this outlines what your child will be learning in school.