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Welcome to Maple Group!


The pupils and staff would like to offer a warm welcome to Maple class.  We are a year seven KS3 class with five excitable pupils who are all quite individual with very different needs.  The class is led by My Darby who has been teaching for sixteen years and is supported by a class teaching assistant, Miss Best. 


This year is an exciting year for Maple as they are begin learning and achieving as secondary pupils. The success of Maple class is due to a daily routine which the pupils have fully adapted to; it also promotes independent thinking and learning. 


The school day begins with toast in the class room and then spellings; each pupil has their own differentiated spellings to enable them to achieve success and accelerate their learning.  The pupils then complete their IEP work which consists of them researching and writing a sentence for three words on their spelling list.  Whilst staff check them, the pupils read for c. 20 minutes, reading in silence and then to staff before completing an online quiz to check their comprehension.  Then we have circle time which gives the pupils and staff an opportunity to discuss the events of the previous evening, meals, did they go out, what time did they go to bed etc.  The transition between these activities is seamless, the pupils getting their own books and materials from the class enable station, an area where their books and materials can be found and engage in the activity.


After a brief movement break we start our English lesson.  English ranges from learning fiction and non-fiction to punctuation and grammar, poetry analysis and writing all of which are differentiated in order to maximise progress and raise self-esteem.  We read a range of books and lessons are often themed around the work of a particular author e.g. David Walliams and Roald Dahl . 


After break the pupils engage in their maths lessons.  Maths lessons include, calculation, geometry, problem solving, fractions, decimals and percentages and again are highly differentiated and the pupils are supported and motivated by the staff in the class.


This terms topic is ‘The Ancient Greeks’.  The pupils have created a timeline and have looked at hoplite soldiers and have started constructing their own Corinthian helmets as an art/topic cross curricular link.  The pupils have really engaged with this subject and enjoy watching the topic based film clips and presentations as they inspire them and drive their curiosity.  We are hoping to organise a school trip based on the ancient Greeks to a local museum or for a local reenactor to deliver a session in school.


The pupils also have PE lessons with another staff member and some of the pupils are in the school football team.


Maple class is a happy class where we build the pupil’s social and emotional resilience in a non-judgemental calm and routine environment.  The pupils are making good progress in all of their areas of learning which is celebrated in class and with their behaviour which is celebrated within whole school assemblies weekly.


Mr Darby