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Hi Armstrong


This term we will all be looking at a fantastic website it will teach you how to use code in a fun way. If anyone has used scratch before it is similar but you can do much more and earn a certificate to prove it!

You can log on from home and work your way thought the course that includes flappy birds and Minecraft.


I can help you if you have any problems.

Our log on code for Armstrong is PPNXLM. Find your name on our page and enter your two secret words. Let me know if you have forgotten them. There will be tokens available for each completed unit. Enjoy!


Extra activities

If you fancy trying something else how about seeing what is on one of these sites…remember to email in work or photos of work to earn tokens.

  1. This site is specially designed for home learning during lock down.
  2. can you create an picture in paint?
  3. can you answer these 11 computer questions?


Get creative

Or if you want to get creative, how about one of these challenges. They can be done on word, PowerPoint or even good old fashioned paper! Just complete the challenge and send it in for tokens.

  1. Create a gadget. If you could create a gadget to do anything at all, what would it do and what would it look like?
  2. What gadget would you love to have and what gadget should we ban? Tell me why.
  3. Think about technology we use today, can you find the items that would have been used before they existed?  One example would be a cabled landline phone then and a mobile phone now. How many more examples can you find?