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GCSE English Language is the "science of language." 


In this subject you will learn about the ways that writers use language to create certain effects.


Words are powerful. 


The pen is mightier than the sword!

Wednesday 20th January Paper 1 Section B writing

Learning objectives:1) learn/have a go at using planning strategies.2) understand how to "show, not tell."

Tuesday 19th January - how does the writer use language?

Your ability to explain how writers use language counts for 20% of this whole qualification. It's important that you understand how to answer the question: how does the writer use language?

following on from first video

When you have finished watching, have a go at answering the question and compare this with your first attempt. Use the writing frame below to help.

Updated Tuesday 5th January 2021


This half term we are studying GCSE English Language. The first piece of work you need to complete is a mock exam. This will help you to become familiar with the way the exam looks and what it is that you have to do.


I'll put the mark scheme on here by the end of the week. Good luck.

English Language GCSE - mock exam

Can you remember what happens in the play?


It's important that you can remember the order of events. Which job did Eva lose first? Who got Eva pregnant?


All you have to do is read the passages below and fill in the blanks using the word bank.

fill in the missing words

Have you watched "An Inspector Calls" yet? If you have - well done! If you haven't, then you really need to get that done before you try and learn anything else about this play.


So, who was Eva Smith/Daisy Renton? We never see her. She's already dead when the play begins. The play is all about her, but we never actually get to meet her. 


We do find out a lot about her though. The Birling's and Gerald tell us a lot. They tell us she was "pretty" and that she was a "good worker." We know that she had strong morals because she wouldn't take the stolen money from Eric. We also know she was desperate for help.


The big question though is this: who does she represent? Priestley uses Eva Smith/Daisy Renton to teach us all a lesson. Once you understand that, you've got this nailed!

Who was Eva Smith?

An Inspector Calls (2017)

Watching this film version of the play will help you to learn the plot and what each of the characters is like.

TITANIC "Jack & Rose Irish Dance" Scene

In the play, Mr Birling talks about the Titanic. The film clearly shows the differences between the rich and the poor in Edwardian society. Watch this clip where Jack and Rose dance in the lower decks. Then watch the next clip where Jack has dinner on the upper deck.

Titanic 3D | "First Class Dinner" | Official Clip HD

These scenes show us the differences between the rich and the poor on the Titanic. What differences can you spot?

'An Inspector Calls': Eva Smith Character Analysis (animated)

Eva Smith/Daisy Renton is the main character in An Inspector Calls. But we never meet her. Watch this video to learn more about her role in the play.