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Hey everyone! 


Firstly, well done!  I know things aren't easy but we will keep in touch with you and help you where we can!

Happy new year to you all.


In maths, we have been working on conversion. So far we have worked on time and capacity. There is still some work on the website which you can use as revision. I have uploaded this terms work on weight. There is some reference posters to help you too. 


In English, our new unit is writing to persuade. There is a range of materials including a power point, supporting materials and tasks. There is also a great video on bbc bitzesize "writing to persuade". 


Our new topic is E-Safety. There is some videos and games to watch/play on the home learning page. I would like you all to make a Power point/information leaflet that can be shared with your friends at school.


Science work has been sent out in your individual packs but more will be added to the website next week. There is a power point which may help for now. 


You should all have your spellings and IEP work to work on too.


Most importantly stay safe! We will keep in touch with you all...


Katy, Graham and Joyce

ICT/Topic work on E-Safety 


There is 3 videos to watch on...


Then have a go at the game. 


We can have a chat about it when I call you. 


Don't forget to do your information leaflets/Power points. You can email them to me and I will upload them to the website. Tokens will be awarded! 

Kid & Teen at Home Workout Video led by Teenagers | 2020 COV 19