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Columbus is a lower school class.


There is a mix of year 5,6 and 7 children and 3 staff.


Katy is the teacher, Joyce and Graham are teaching assistants.


During the school day we have lots of fun learning many new and exciting things.


In maths we have been learning time. You are all brilliant at reading O’ Clock and Half Past. Let’s see if you can all crack Quarter to and Quarter past by Christmas. There is some work on the home learning page, if you need anymore just let me know. 


In English, we have been consolidating some basics over the past few weeks. You have recently been working on the High Frequency Words, homophones and contractions. There is a couple of activities on the home learning page too. Remember to keep reading. Read anything!


Whilst you are isolating with families, it would be really nice if you could help out too. Why don’t you try and make them a meal, I have seen your cooking skills! You are all awesome! Feel free to email me photos.


You should all have your spellings to work on too but most importantly stay safe!